The primary concern of the Management of Cool Dynamic is the quality of the services provided by the company, with its activity in the field of industrial refrigeration and especially in everything that has to do with the construction and service of refrigeration facilities, mainly in meat industries, dairy industries, processing and packaging of agricultural products and pharmaceutical industries.

Correspondingly, in the field of Marine, the primary concern of Cool Dynamic is its activity in the field of marine refrigeration and air conditioning at a global level, providing service and freon conversions, especially in Boats, Coasting, Cargo Ships and Tankers.

The company ensures the above requirements through its organization and in the context of the effort to continuously improve the services provided, a Quality Management System adapted to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 was studied, installed and implemented, through which it is ensured:

  • the competent and specialized staff, operating within a well-organized internal structure,
  • the continuous evaluation of its business partners,
  • the planned training of its staff,
  • the continuous investments aimed at its improvement and modernization,
  • the continuous update on technological developments,
  • the prevention and immediate treatment of possible errors,
  • the continuous training, education and assurance of the professional competence of its staff,
  • the adequacy of resources and infrastructure,
  • the focus on the customers and their needs,
  • the internal evaluation and review of its work,
  • and lastly the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

All the departments of the company have the responsibility to respond, assimilate and apply the procedures required by the Quality Assurance System through their daily activities.

It is also the responsibility of the company’s Management to ensure that the Quality Policy is implemented, with the ultimate goal of the continuous, stable development of its business activity, with unwavering recourse to its principles, offering customers high-level products and services.

Athens, 04 – 09 – 2023
The General Manager